Mailing List

If you are interested on getting on the Mere Mortals Mountain Biking List, you can use this form to subscribe or unsubscribe. It’s a great place to get information on what’s going on with Mere Mortals Mountain Biking. There’s no charge to join, and feel free to follow the list and ride something where you feel comfortable. We won’t give your email out to anyone, EVER.

We do support other local mountain bike groups and bike shops who do have a right to post on our sites because they help keep Mere Mortals going.

How the list works:

  • Weekly rides and general announcements are sent out once or twice a week
  • Ride changes and cancellations are set out as necessary
  • Events from other local groups and bike shops are set out as deemed ok

If you have anything you want sent out to the mailing list, email Anne Marie our ride leader or contact her via phone at 650-424-8297.

Only a few people can post, so please respond to the individual poster if you have something to contribute. Do not reply to the mailing list, please. It only emails the mailing list administrators.

Please note: By subscribing to the mailing list, you are agreeing to the our terms and will comply with our ride requirements.

Subscribing is easy.. type your email in the textbox below and click the Subscribe button. This will subscribe you for our Google Groups mailing list. You can always check the calendar too.

Subscribe to Mere Mortals Ride Announcements at Google Groups
If you have any problems subscribing, please contact the list administrator here.