Advanced Trails

For Mere Mortals, the advanced trails usually involve two things: steepness and technical riding. With the exception on Santa Teresa, these trails are also fairly remote. It doesn’t mean they’re not fun, but it means make sure you have your wits about you when riding these areas.

Also, make sure you’re well prepared with water. Coe is one of those places you cannot take enough water. Depending on your comfort level with the technical terrain, you may want to take arm and legs guards with you as well.

In places such as Coe, there may be a significant amount of hike-a-bike.

Trail A T Trailhead Description
Santa Teresa Fortini Rd or Bernal Rd Technical mix of singletrack and fireroad. Stiles Ranch and Rocky Ridge are the more popular technical rides. Very steep up Hidden Springs to Rocky Ridge.
Skeggs/ECdM Skeggs Vista Point Very steep and technical riding, but short loops can be done at a high intermediate level. 30+ miles of trails available, and provides the most variety locally.
Soquel Demonstration Forest Main Demo lot Plenty of downhill routes plus stunts, but just as much climbing. Routes tend to be at least 15 miles long. If Highland way is closed, you may need to come around from Aptos, or bike out 1 mile or so to the trailhead.
Henry Coe State Park Headquarters or Hunting Hollow Local epic riding! Make sure you have a compass, a map, and even a GPS to keep from getting lost here. Very steep, very technical, and very beautiful.