Intermediate Trails

Trails in the Bay Area and Northern California tend to be relatively steep. Most of the trails involve climbing, and various levels of technical riding. If you’re bored on the beginner rides, this is the next place to go.

Note that if you do multiple laps in some cases or longer routes, these trails could be considered advanced. Mere Mortals considers anything 20 miles or more an epic ride.

Intermediate level rides can vary depending on steepness and technical riding. Some places are steep but not very technical and vice versa. Others may involve both climbing and technical iding, but not the steepness.


Trail Aerobic Techincal Trailhead Description
Russian Ridge One mile North of Page Mill Rd on Skyline Blvd or Page Mill Rd and Skyline Blvd Short, but steep open terrain and some singletrack mixed in with fireroad riding. Some ledges and technical sections, but everything is ridable.
Saratoga Gap/Long Ridge Hwy 9 and 35 or Grizzly Flat Parking Rolling technical singletrack that is usually connected with Long Ridge/Peter’s Creek via Long Ridge fireroad.
China Camp China Camp Village Long flowy singletrack, some technical sections, lots of switchbacks. Beginner option with Shoreline trail only, advanced options with multiple loops.
Ft. Ord Creekside Terrace Over 50 mile network of trails, with widely varying terrain and conditions, our wet winter riding grounds.
Kennedy Kennedy Trailhead Long and steep fireroad many folks use for climbing training
Wilder Ranch Main Lot off Hwy 1 Good network of singletrack and fireroad, some extensive climbs.
St. Joseph’s Hill St Joseph’s Hill @ Jones Street Fairly steep singletrack and fireroad trail system near Los Gatos
Sierra Azul Hicks Rd and Woods Rd Rocky and steep fireroads, can be joined with other area trails to make epic rides
Waterdog Carlmont Dr Short and steep singletrack with some technical features