About Us

Mere Mortals Mountain Biking is a San Francisco Bay Area mountain biking group ride with no drops, no pressure, and no egos.

The idea is provide everyone of all levels a relaxing ride pace, but still allow those to expand their riding skills without feeling the need to hammer all the time. There are many riders who are advanced and need to ride at a slower pace.

No Drop means no rider gets left behind. Ride leaders endeavor to accompany the slowest rider(s) in your group, so the slower riders do not feel abandoned. No one gets abandoned.

No Pressure means that all rides are fun, relaxed trail rides. If you feel the need to walk a section of trail because you’re not ready for it, no one will force you or make you feel inadequate for not riding above your level.

No Ego means every rider is treated as an equal, no matter what their level. All riders, new and active members, newbies and experts, represent Mere Mortals on that ride. This enables other members to ride in a non-threatening way.

Mere Mortals Mountain Biking exists to give people a positive environment and relaxed pace, and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been riding or what you’re skill set is. We offer rides for all levels, but at a relaxing pace. Mere Mortals Mountain Biking provides you a positive environment to ride in because the trail can be intimidating enough.

Our group is free to ride with, and we are very active throughout the year. We do not charge for membership, but we do accept donations to help offset the costs (IMBA, NMBP, insurance). During the spring and summer you’ll usually find us in most of the local trails from Santa Cruz to Marin. When it’s wet and rainy out, we’re usually at Ft. Ord.

We do require helmets, water, and a working bike for each ride. There’s a list of other things you can carry with you, as things can happen when you’re miles away from the trailhead. Remember, flats and mechanicals can happen during a ride, but we don’t want to encourage them!